Ad Life After the Superbowl

Now that the Superbowl is over, advertisers must analyze the impacts of their pricy investments.   Post event tracking involves determining the return on ad spends (ROAS), which separates the real prospects from the many Superbowl spectators. Before modern day media, it was difficult to find this data. Now, NBC has allowed streaming across many screens, channels, and digital platforms making the target demographic far more apparent.

So now what?

This year, you could watch the Superbowl virtually anywhere. The exceptionally high online viewership became an advertiser’s playground. Apps like NFL Mobile to Apple TV provided plenty of opportunity to target and measure the millions of consumers watching the game. As they left their trail of online behaviors, marketers were able to identify their targets with certainty.

Brands who advertised during the Superbowl experienced a massive social media boost. Advertisers used this to their advantage, scoping out the comments and followers interacting with their platforms. Today, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are imperative tools for a business. And if your ad was anywhere near the Superbowl, you were definitely a trending internet topic this season.

Analyzing Your Audience

Through a tool known as identity resolution, you can understand both your new and existing audience a little better. This tool lets you increase the value of your performance data by tying back to real customers while maintaining their anonymity. From identity resolution, you are able to discover if users have interacted with your brand before, allowing you to hone in on a relevant audience.

Final Steps

Now that advertisers have copious amounts of data, it’s time to measure the results. From here, marketers can see what their audience responds to or ignores. This will shape quarters to come and develop new branding techniques for many companies, especially Superbowl marketers. The only thing left to do is sit back and see what brands have in store for second quarter.