Why Native Advertising is Next In Line

Social media marketing has become the new sensation in advertising. For many businesses, ads on these platforms have served as a lucrative investment. But what about those who don’t see the same results? Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube may work for some. However, they don’t always work for everyone. Some brands are unsure how much impact their social media is having in terms of generating revenue.  Businesses who have felt this way have often turned to native advertising.

What is native advertising?

70 percent of consumers stated they would rather learn about products through content as opposed to the traditional media platforms. Native advertising allows this to happen organically. It is a medium where your ad is placed with relevant content to match the form of the space. Marketers are allowed a more natural targeting approach, making it inconspicuous to consumers that it is paid media.


Photo courtesy of CoolerInsights.com

Native ads are far less invasive than any other form of advertising. A study from Hubshout shows 85 percent of internet users don’t feel that their browsing is disrupted by them. Businesses can still customize and be particular about who is seeing their products with native ads. Hubshout’s same study showed that 67 percent of users are more likely to click on sponsored articles than banner ads. Native ads have been around through other mediums as early as the 1900s. However, it wasn’t until 7 years ago, that sites like Buzz Feed created native advertising online. Therefore, it has a relatively short history online.

Relevancy in native advertising

I think it’s safe to say users feel welcome to engage with content relevant to them. According to ShareThrough, native ads are 53 percent more frequently looked at than display ads. Why? Few people even realize that it’s advertising! When blended with high-quality content that the user already finds significant, everything else just comes together.

Bernie Levi, the author, is the Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.