Is the 5G network now available everywhere?

Is the 5G network now available everywhere? This year began with the promise and thought that it would be. Each carrier picked a different handful of launch cities to give millions of people the opportunity to become early adopters if they’re willing to deal with spotty service. Carriers are promoting, “5G network now available” but in reality it’s not quite there.

5G network now available at T-Mobile

Recently, T-Mobile became the last U.S. national carrier to launch 5G. After blasting rivals AT&T and Verizon for lying about their limited 5G offerings, we expected more from T-Mobile. Their current coverage appears to be sparing at best. Worse yet, T-Mobile’s 5G signal drops completely when users enter buildings. This means that you can’t use it at homes, offices, and schools. It’s impractical if it only works outdoors.

To make matters worse, T-Mobile’s 5G service is arguably the best 5G available anywhere in the United States. AT&T’s 19-city 5G network is still unavailable to regular consumers more than six months after it launched. Verizon is still only offering 5G in small parts of four cities, although it’s promising more than 30 locations by the end of the year.

On the bright side, if you are able to hit the right part of the right street, you can see how impressive 5G actually is. The service allows you to download a full-length movie in less than a minute!

Even with the amount of effort that went into putting up early towers across multiple major and medium-sized cities, 5G service isn’t yet ready for mainstream U.S. customers or even widely available. This year has not been “the year of 5G” that was initially predicted to be. As of now, all of the big U.S. carriers are offering 5G service.  It’s now only a question of when it will be available near you and with the capability of being used outdoors and indoors.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. Carolina can’t wait on how 5G will also impact our clients’ advertising campaigns through the added speed and connectivity.