Disney+: Will it be pure magic in 2019?

2019 may be the year of the pig.  However, in the media world, 2019 could be the year of the mouse. The year is setting up to be a banner year for Mickey and Mickey’s company – Disney. That’s because with the close of the Disney-Fox merger, Disney is ready to sprinkle some pixie dust with the launch of Disney+. Disney+ is the most anticipated OTT since Netflix debuted six years ago. The OTT is set to make its mark during the latter part of 2019.


With a current lineup of Star Wars, Monsters Inc. and High School Musical, the force will be with Disney+.

New movies are also expected to head straight to Disney+ , creating a one-stop shop for streaming. Fans can count on streaming home premieres of new films like Frozen 2, Captain Marvel and Star Wars Episode IX.

As the launch approaches, you may see Disney marketing its streaming services at a discount. Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu could be the start of a new era of streaming bundle a la cable TV.

What about the competition?

Meanwhile, Netflix looks to grow its subscriber base beyond 137 million as it continues to add more content. Netflix plans to add more than $10 billion worth of content in 2019.

Netflix also continues to add more high-end talent to their roster causing leading rivals to overspend to keep their stars. As TV Peak continues, there will be more TV options than ever. The number of scripted series is expected to exceed 500.

What’s this mean for Broadcast and Cable/Satellite Providers?

All these new offerings will continue the erosion of linear ratings next year. This will be bad news for broadcast networks. With an overwhelming amount of streaming services, here is the decision consumers will need to make. Should I drop a current OTT service for Disney+ or should I drop my current cable or satellite provider to make room? Only time will tell.