ESPN+ scores 1million subscribers

With everyone in a rush and always on the go, ESPN has made it easier  to keep up with with your favorite shows and watch every game. In an effort to keep up with consumers, Disney launched ESPN+.  Since launching in April of 2018, ESPN+’s streaming service has passed 1 million paid subscribers.

What is ESPN+

The subscription service costs $5 a month. It features thousands of hours of live programming including the NHL, MLB and college sports. Subscribers will also have access to on-demand content and past sporting events. Subscribers won’t see display ads or pre and post roll video ads anywhere on the app or

This summer, ESPN Insider, a separate subscription service featuring commentary from experts and daily fantasy tools, merged into ESPN+ boosting the subscriber counts.

The streaming service is available on the ESPN app, website or through TV connected devices such as Amazon and Roku.

ESPN for the win

ESPN has marketed the service to existing cable subscribers on its TV networks and website. Through ESPN+, Disney plans to increase its presence in the OTT streaming business. The goal is to create a direct link to consumers during a time when more people are watching TV through smartphones and other mobile devices. Last month, app signups generated $1.5 million in revenue for Disney. And – for ESPN – that is a home run!