Facebook Scandal Brings Big Scare

The Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica graced nearly every headline last week. Why? It has shown how simple it is for companies to access personal information online and use it to manipulate you. Though the spotlight is shining bright on Mark Zuckerberg, you’ve been susceptible to this for a while. Whether you’ve realized it or not, the internet already knows a lot about you.

I always feel like somebody’s watching me!

Popular websites, such as TwiMap, use geolocation metadata to reveal where people are when they post to Twitter. Geolocation metadata makes it extremely simple to find out where you live, work, and spend your time based on patterns. But they’re not the only ones. Through several menus under “Frequent Locations”, your iPhone can remember where you’ve been and how long you were there…down to the street name and number. Protect your privacy now in order to prevent future Facebook scandals and other potential scandals.

How can I stop the Facebook scandal and protect my privacy?

Voluntarily posting your whereabouts on Instagram and Facebook are not helping the situation. Your location on apps carries high security risks. From checking in on vacation when you’re not home, to having lawyers or crazy exes being able to access this information.

There are also cookies. Cookies make it transparent for advertisers to track all your habits. Every time you visit a site, information will follow you. Cookies quite literally leave bread crumbs, a digital trail right back to the pants you clicked on and your website passwords. Though at times this is helpful, there are ways to block this as well. Going on private browsing mode or clearing your history regularly makes it difficult for cookies to track your behaviors.

Even though the virtual world has capabilities beyond our comprehension, there are ways to combat being spied on. It is our right to privacy, but also our responsibility to remain careful. Always be mindful of your internet habits, location settings, and social media.

Bernie Levi, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. Her whereabouts today shall remain private.