How to get your customers’ attention in digital world?

Due to our fast paced lifestyle, it is hard to get your customers’ attention in digital world. In order to do so, we must make sure that the content itself is substantial, rewarding and keeps giving them reasons to pay attention. If successful, the consumer will read, comment, watch, share, talk, which will get your customers’ attention in digital world.

The way brands keep our attention is called attention marketing. Most of the time, brands try to capture your attention by doing something new, sexy, different or gimmicky. While that may be effective, sometimes consumers don’t perceive them as credible.

The Solution

Your strategy should be on point with your brand principles and be line with “The 3 C’s of Attention Marketing:  Culture, Context, and Community.”

1.Culture:Produce content online with the culture of your brand and the audience you want to reach. Become part of a cultural conversation that is relevant to your brand.

2. Context: Deliver the right kind of message, at the right time to the right person. When you have context around your relationship with a potential customer, you can provide personalized marketing content that’s targeted to their needs.

3.Community: Develop a community of consumers. Your community should be a very active audience that has the power to promote your brand.

Get your customers’ attention in digital world

The most important thing you could do is engage and communicate with your audience. Explain why your content matters and tell them why your brand is worth grabbing their attention. People are more likely to continue to pay attention if the content is substantial and rewarding. The human brain can consume more content than before. However, the key important part is that the content should matter to the person. Marketers have a short amount of time to deliver content that their audience finds worthy of their time.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. She makes it a point to get the Marketing Keys’ digital content to stand out and grab our customers’ attention.