Google turns off Google+ social platform

Earlier this year, Facebook was dealing with an overwhelming amount of negative coverage from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.  Around the same time, Google discovered a glitch in Google+ but decided not to disclose the information.

This Monday Google announced it was shutting down Google+ after discovering a bug that jeopardized user data.

Google is hush 

The company initially chose not to acknowledge the bug as it feared increased regulatory scrutiny and consumer backlash. Regulation on consumer data and digital governance would definitely have an impact on the $88 billion digital advertising industry.

Google’s credibility 

A couple of weeks ago Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, answered questions during a Senate committee hearing. Pichai argued for federal regulation around consumer data. According to Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next, Google wants any federal regulation passed to be weaker than California’s Consumer Privacy Act.

California calls for accountability 

California’s bill gives consumers an opportunity to control their data. It allows them to tell companies such as Facebook, Amazon or Google to remove their data or not share it. It also holds companies accountable for any data breaches, allowing the California attorney general to sue for 7500 for each intentional violation of privacy.

Companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft spent a lot of money to prevent the bill from being signed into law.

The future

Increased regulations will make it a lot harder for advertisers to work with Google. Third parties that report on measurement and viewability will have less access to data. Companies that specialize in collecting consumer data may abandon or sell off those practices.  Marketers will see more instances of large tech companies providing metrics on their ads or do their own measuring. Increased regulations will require brands and publishers to spend more money in order to become compliant. In general, it will become more and more challenging to execute digital campaigns whether it be with Google, Facebook or any other major platform.