Influencer Marketing: Could this take your brand to the next level?

You may have heard about Influencer Marketing as being the latest effective way to market to your target. Today’s digitally connected world is changing the way people take in a brand’s message. People are no longer convinced with what a brand says about its products. Nowadays, they form their own opinions with help from influencers.

Where can you find these influencers?

Influencers have evolved into a small, specific and specialized niche of social media users. They have a significant social media presence and a follower base that may range from several hundred to several million.

From Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and all other social media platforms, influencers are everywhere. They are endorsing products, making recommendations and influencing people’s ideas, behaviors and purchases.

Is Influencer Marketing for you?

Although, influencer marketing sounds like the way to go, not every brand can benefit from it. In order for brands to gain from influencer marketing, they must invest in building their own influence first.

The three factors to consider are:

  • The strength and character of an individual or brand
  • Their perception and reputation
  • Their relationship with the influencer

Therefore, if a brand already has a market reputation and wants to connect with a genuine influencer, the effect of their respective influence skyrockets. Thus, the impact on their target audience is greater.

Blend in this latest strategy

Although influencer marketing continues to grow at rapid rates , it is important to note that many traditional forms of advertising have not lost their effectiveness. Today’s average consumer is able to sift through a large volume of data at a fast rate. It’s time brands realize the potential of influencer marketing. Many consumers would rather hear about a brand from review sites and blogs than from a company through an ad. The consumer perceives this tactic as more credible.  You just may want to add and blend this into your 2019 media plans.