Inside Tips to writing a successful blog

Writing a successful blog can help your business reach new heights. Blogging is an essential part of content marketing.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Be informative and educational while providing something of value to the world.
  • Build rapport with readers so you can sell your products and services.
  • Obtain top ten search engine rankings for your different posts.
  • Build a portal of useful information.
  • Aid in increasing your expert status.

Whatever the goal of your blog , make sure to keep these tips to writing a successful blog in mind when writing your next one:


Create something valuable

First, make sure your blog topic is something your audience will actually be interested in reading. The topic should be timely and relevant to your target audience. The purpose of a blog is to provide readers with value and educational materials to read.

Grab their Attention

Blog headlines are often the deciding factor in whether or not someone will click on a post. The most-clicked blog posts are those with titles that draw readers in. Keep them short and to the point.

Build trust

Add facts and statistics to all your posts. They will build trust which could then turn the reader into a subscriber. Back up your facts by citing the reliable source from where you obtained it.

Quality over Quantity

There is no ideal length of a blog post. High quality content doesn’t have to be a 2000 word article. The blog, however, should be a minimum of 300 words.  As long the information is relevant and informative, post it. Consistently publishing high quality, well-researched blogs can boost your SEO and get you page more views.

Edit, Edit, and Edit 

Make sure your blog is error-free. Having correct spelling and grammar will show that your content is trustworthy. Also, this shows the reader that you put time and effort because it’s something you are passionate about. Before you publish your blog, double and triple-check the grammar and spelling. Run the blog through spellcheck or ask a trusted colleague to proofread your work.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator and the Blog Writer for Marketing Keys. Writing Blogs for Marketing Keys is one of the favorite parts of her job. And it helps that she has someone on staff proofing her blogs each and every week!