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Marketing Keys Q&A.

Marketing Keys Questions and Answers

Yes, that is perfectly fine. If you are happy with the agency that is handling your creative, there is no reason to make a switch.
Ideally, one agency should handle all of your campaigns. It will allow your entire marketing campaign to run more smoothly and cohesively.
In the days of e-mail, faxes, cellular phones and video conferencing, location is less important. Nonetheless, personal contact is the best form of communication. Marketing Keys will ensure that you will receive enough personal contact by making monthly market trips etc.
Ultimately, the budget and what advertising gets bought and doesn’t get bought is your decision. However, we will recommend what we think are the strongest programs for your company. You are the client and do not need to approve anything unless you are happy with our recommendation. We will keep working on our end until you are 100% satisfied.
We will receive compensation directly from the media companies so there are no out of pocket costs from your company to our company. The media companies give all certified Agencies an “Agency Discount.” That discount is how we are compensated.
Your company will receive (1) monthly invoice from all the advertising that aired that month. You will then directly pay Marketing Keys from that invoice within net 30 days. Marketing Keys will be responsible for paying all the media companies.
Roger Keys of Marketing Keys has worked with over (600) companies over the last 25 years. You would be hard-pressed to find an industry or a category that he has not marketed. You want to hire a company that is familiar with your industry. Even so, if the agency works exclusively in one field, there is a good chance that it won’t be very innovative – or worse – that it will end up re-presenting old ideas. An agency like Marketing Keys – with experience in many different areas- is more likely to try something new.
Yes, I would love for you to meet our creative team.
No, in most cases you would be spending more money. By outsourcing your marketing, you will be saving a lot of money on salaries for your marketing department…and your advertising program will be perfectly targeted with minimal waste and will be much more efficient. It will also enable you to focus on the day to day operations so your business can run smoothly. Finally, your advertising program will be packaged with plenty of value-added that you may not have received without the negotiation skills of Marketing Keys.

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