2019 Marketing Plan: Your Roadmap for Success!

After all of the holiday parties, celebrations and gift giving, it’s time to focus on 2019. The start of the new year means a fresh start to your marketing strategies. A guided, well thought out marketing plan will allow your business to make the most out of 2019.

Goal setting

Goal setting is critical in order to measure the success of an ad campaign. Ask yourself first, “What are you trying to accomplish with you marketing plan?”

Goal setting goes beyond just what success looks like. It also covers the end-user experience for your campaign. Where are you driving people with your marketing plan? What are you asking them to do when they get there? Do you have a valuable enough piece of content to motivate your audience to share their information?

Set a budget

After considering your objectives, decide how much they are worth to your business.  Agencies are a great resource to help set realistic expectations for media spend simply because they know how much inventory costs. Agencies like Marketing Keys can be a huge help towards putting together a successful marketing plan.

Selection criteria: Channels, Assets and Targeting

With a goal and budget mapped out, you can come up with a solid plan. The next step in the process is channel and vendor selection. With the ever-changing online advertising environment, it’s hard just to know what’s out there. New opportunities, technologies or ad-formats pop up all the time.

Start with the most important question: who are you trying to reach? Consider any production limitations your marketing team may encounter along with what assets will be available to fuel your campaign. This will help you narrow down your channel selections.

Cross-channel marketing

Look for vendors that have the broadest reach with your specific audience. A media mix of various media will be best because it includes a variety of channels and vendors. Omni-channel ad strategies maximize  the impact of your message by reaching your audience with multiple touchpoints throughout their day. This will reinforce their relationship with your brand preventing ad fatigue.

The Plan

It is always best to have a plan and a process before you launch any advertising campaign. The basic process includes:

  1. Goal setting: Set criteria to measure success
  2. Budget: Establish realistic expectation for media spend
  3. Channel selection: What ad formats make the most sense for your campaign?
  4. Vendors and publishing partners: Consider where your audience consumes content.

With a well thought out plan, your company will be poised for success! If you need help navigating these waters, we are here to help.