While looking down on their phones, do millennials eventually see out of home boards?

You wouldn’t think of using out of home as a strategy to reach millennials. After all, they are tech savvy and part of the digital age. Because of this, marketers feel online advertising is the most effective way for them to generate a desirable ROI from this audience. But, contrary to belief, studies show challenges from targeting this generation through online measures. 63% of millennials are thought to use ad blockers on at least one device. With 2 out of every 3 millennials being inaccessible, advertisers need cost affective ways to maximize their reach. Thus, out of home has become the latest, effective strategy to reach this market.

Why not stick to the Internet?

The internet has become over saturated with inordinately promotional material. It has become difficult to distinguish what is trustworthy.  Millennials are perceptive to creating their own content and choosing their interactions. Difficulties arise online because of overcrowded space.

Out of home advertising camouflages with millennials’ every day environment. Consequently, 70% of customers regularly see and interact organically. Billboard placement encourages people to come face to face with its message without being interrupted from their routine. It is not an interruption of their daily life. Rather, it blends in seamlessly with their environment.

How can your business target millennials with out of home ads?

When you’re looking to target your campaign to millennials, you must always consider location first. Keep up with popular neighborhoods they occupy and stay on top of that trend. Bars, restaurants, cafés, and boutique stores are ideal spots for your out of home ads. Don’t forget to get creative and make your call to action count. How you utilize your color, branding, and copy is essential in grabbing this generation’s attention. As a result, 17% of them are likely to research a brand after studying its out of home billboard.

Bernie Levi, the author, is the Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. Levi, a millennial, has become very aware of out of home ads.