New (Marketing) Year’s Resolution

This year, as you bake holiday cookies and drink hot chocolate by the fire, think about your future New (Marketing) Year’s Resolution.

There are only a few things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and unfulfilled New Year’s Resolutions. But this year, my resolution is going to be sticking to my resolution. And before we examine the logic of that little tidbit too closely, it’s important to remember that resolutions are not just for personal use. This is the year for you to make a New (Marketing) Year’s Resolution that will push your brand to the next level.

I think the reason everyone likes New Year’s resolutions, the reason they keep making them year after year, has to do with new beginnings. It’s nice to sit back, evaluate the good, the bad, and the ugly (yes, we all made at least one poor wardrobe choice in 2016), and then close the metaphorical door on the past year. Who says you can’t do the exact same thing with your marketing strategy? Once the holiday ad blitz dies down a little, it’s time to start planning your 2017 strategy. And making New (Marketing) Year’s Resolutions that you’ll actually stick to is a great way to jump in.

Since the beginning of a new year is usually chock full of pretty (although somewhat ambiguous) inspirational pictures, here are 5 to inspire you to great new marketing heights.


  1. Don’t Wait!

Everyone can dream of their perfect marketing strategy. One that rolls out without a hitch, captures the attention of an entire target audience, and won’t cost a fortune. If you are organized and proactive, you can have it all. Like most things, media rates are determined based on demand. Reserving ad time in April for May is going to get pretty costly. But rolling out your whole campaign in January or February means you get the prime spots for the prime price.


  1. Don’t Give Up!

Consistency is key. Sure, you might have booked some advertising that at first glance doesn’t seem to be doing as well as you had hoped. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the strategy is going to fail, and pulling the plug on a campaign too soon might prove to be rash and a waste of ad funds. Most advertising needs time to really take effect. So be patient and have faith.


  1. Don’t Limit Yourself!

It might seem easy to stick to the media you know, no matter what it is. Try something new this year. Test your limits, and see if there are any previously untapped markets out there waiting for you. The best strategies use media from across the board – comingling radio, television, out-of-home, digital, and social media to reach as many consumers as possible.


  1. Don’t Go It Alone!

You might think that you are a superhuman that can manage the day-to-day of running a business while also creating marketing strategies and ads while also buying and placing media WHILE ALSO having the occasional spot of free time to spend with family and friends. And if you really are, that is fantastic. You could probably also read that first run-on sentence in one breath without getting winded. But if you’re anything like the rest of us, that is physically too much for one person to accomplish. It is okay to ask for help. Hiring a marketing team or an independent marketing agency is a great way to pass some of the burden onto someone else. And that someone (or someones) is going to know the best strategy to grow your brand.


  1. Don’t Stay in the Past!

We all know the old strategies work – there’s a reason why people are still using them today. But exclusively using traditional advertising plans without mixing in some new tactics is a good way to get left in the past. Modern consumers like modern media, and having an integrated plan allows a brand to appeal to a much wider audience.

New years are times for new beginnings, for marketing and in our own personal lives. Hopefully 2017 is a year in which we all make positive changes and grow in the right direction. This is just a small example of a New (Marketing) Year’s Resolution that might make a big difference.


Shannon Curtis, the author, routinely selects one-word resolutions for herself, and this year she is thinking “cake”. Shannon is the Project / Social Media Coordinator at Marketing Keys, a boutique media management firm on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.