Perfect time to buy 30-second time on TV!

Recently,  a 30-second commercial in some of the biggest shows on TV would cost you upwards to $700,000 for one :30 spot.  However,  as of this post,  the price of advertising during these shows has been decreasing. 41 of the 66 returning series on the big four broadcast networks and The CW saw a decrease in cost for a 30-second ad.

Fourth “Down”?

A 30-second commercial during NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” had reached an average of $699,603 last year. Prices for this slot had been increasing in the past few years until now. Advertisers can now pay $665,677 for a half a minute commercial during Sunday Night Football, about $30,000 less than the previous year. Even with a decrease in price, “Sunday Night Football” still holds first place for priciest shows on broadcast television. Additionally,  Fox’s “Thursday Night football” is averaging $434,078 for a 30-second commercial. Thursday Night Football also took a hit as it went down about $100,000 from last year’s average.

Making a Goal line stand?

One of the few shows to have had an increase in price is “This Is Us.” NBC’s drama moved from fourth on list of priciest shows to second, a tie with Thursday Night Football. A 30-second commercial during This Is Us is now averaging $433,866, a 10 percent increase from 2017’s price average of $394,428.

Family fallout?

Missing from the list was ABC’s Modern Family, which for the first time since its premiere in 2009 did not make the top 10 list of priciest broadcast shows. A :30 commercial during “Modern Family” averaged $164,767, a 31 percent decrease from last year. With prices dropping, this may be the perfect time for your company to start a TV campaign while efficiently reaching your target.