Pods Up! Empowering brands through Podcast Advertising.

If you haven’t explored the topic of podcast advertising, what are you waiting on? At least 70% of marketers have considered or have already taken part in podcast advertising. Podcasts take the most loyal traditional radio listeners and moves them to another level. Since users are downloading content that they are keenly interested in, your brand will reach potential customers that are even more engaged than other forms of audio and other media.


Podcast advertising relies heavily on audio to attract attention and interest and to leave an impression on listeners. Westwood One and the Advertising Benchmark Index compared podcast, TV and online video ads to see what platform was more effective. They measured several brands across key marketing metrics: branding, messaging, reputation and call to action. In most of these categories, podcast ads ranked as well as TV or online video ads. For example, brand scores for a personal grooming subscription service company ad heard on a podcast came in at 104. For TV ads, the comparable score was 103. Consumers also said they were likely to talk about or purchase a product they had heard on a podcast ad.


There are various apps and platforms to download your podcasts on a smartphone, computer or tablet. The most popular platform is through Apple which as of a year ago featured more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages.


Not all podcast ads do well. In order to succeed, brands must state the benefits of the product or service quickly in these ads. Consumers will pay attention if your clients get right to the point about how and what they’re offering is the best option for them.

Podcast advertising is fairly new to the digital advertising world but has already proven to be very effective. Need help navigating this new frontier? Marketing Keys would  love to build out targeted podcast plans for your review.