Marketing Goals to Aim for in 2017

It’s the time of year to get your head in the game and set some serious marketing goals. We already talked resolutions, but marketing goals are different. Marketing goals are realistic, attainable, finite things. Goals should be measurable. Here is a guide towards making the most of your 2017 marketing goals.

We have made it through the holiday season. We ate delicious food, shopped for last-minute gifts, and popped champagne to celebrate the New Year. However you celebrated the holidays, now is the time to focus. Setting marketing goals for the upcoming year is a great way dust the cookie crumbs off of our holiday brains and get back to work.

Write them down.

You might think you already know your marketing goals (extending your reach and increasing brand awareness to name a few), so why write them down?  If you skip that step, your goals are just ideas floating around in your brain next to what you had for breakfast. Writing down goals makes them tangible – they go from being things that you’ll accomplish eventually to the first thing on your list (literally).


Share them.

Share your marketing goals – share them with your marketing team, your media buyers, your mom, or even your dog. Sharing your goals holds you accountable, and you are 78% more likely to achieve them. Don’t over share, though. Your dog really does not care about the exact way you’re going to boost your SEO. More than that, describing your goals in detail releases the same endorphins as completing them. If you already got the rush, you are way less likely to accomplish what you intended.


Have less than 3 of them.

As 2017 begins and all 12 months stretch before us, having only three marketing goals seems pretty small. But three goals are more than enough. Off the top of your head, what are your top goals? They probably resemble the examples I gave above. Those big goals like “increase brand awareness” actually break down into a million tiny goals. That can become overwhelming, and rather than completing one goal, you’re avoiding all of them.


Be smart with them.

There is nothing wrong with setting big, bold marketing goals. But if they are too big, or too bold, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Goals need to be realistic and specific. They also need to be relevant to your overall strategy. One of your marketing goals might be to read the latest Ad Week to your dog (after you get done sharing those goals with him, obviously). If that goal isn’t directly in line with your vision, then it is distracting you away from what is really important, even if you’re successful.

Marketing goals are important. There are so many ways you could move and so many directions to turn, without clearly defined marketing goals you could end up overwhelmed and scattered. Goals give your business and brand momentum, and propel you in the right direction. What are some of your goals for 2017? Any and all (but especially ones related to your dog) are welcome.

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Shannon Curtis, the author, is working on writing her goals down right now. She is taking dead aim to get 2017 off to a fast start. Shannon is the Social Media and Project Coordinator for Marketing Keys, a boutique media management firm located in the heart of Chicago.