My Super Bowl Surprise

Super Bowl Sunday was a fun day. We weathered the Chicago snowstorm, visited our friends, had some nice food and drink and turned on the game. My boyfriend Rob cheered for the Patriots. I cheered for the Seahawks. We had a friendly wager on the game. The game was possibly one of the most emotionally churning games. At halftime, the score was tied. Las Vegas couldn’t determine a favorite in this game and the game held true to form. The 2 teams were so even. In the final minute, as the Seattle Seahawks drove to the Patriots 1-yard line, the odds were not in the Patriots’ favor. I was about to talk some trash to my boyfriend Rob about Seattle winning.   But, miraculously due to bad play calling, the Patriots survived.  Suddenly, Rob was talking trash to me!

As the Vince Lombardi Trophy was being presented to the New England Patriots down the field, Iwas surprised to see a familiar face in the lineup. I said to Rob, “That guy looks awfully familiar!”  Sure enough, the familiar face was New England’s backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo. I hadn’t seen Jimmy in a few years and I had lost track of him. All of a sudden, I was kicking myself for rooting for Seattle. I did not realize my high school alum is now playing for the Patriots.

Jimmy Garoppolo, an Arlington Heights native, is a backup quarterback for the New England Patriots.They are grooming him to eventually replace pretty boy Tom Brady. He is also a Rolling Meadows High School graduate like myself & walked the halls of Rolling Meadows High the same years that I did. We had an overlap of the same friends and would frequent the same “hang outs.” I must say seeing someone so humble & hardworking made me wish I could reach through the television screen and give him a high –five. As most other people who have had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy at some point in this life, I went home and did my homework, learning about his success at Eastern Illinois University, being drafted by New England in the 2nd round of the 2014 NFL Draft and even his visits back home to our high school. I was impressed by his accomplishments, but, more importantly, I was impressed by his sense of community and his willingness to give back to the place where it all started, Rolling Meadows High.

Jimmy is currently learning from one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, Tom Brady. His hard work,preparation and fortunate draft position earned him the title of Super Bowl champion. Go Mustangs! Go Jimmy!

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