Terrorism Videos on YouTube Causes an Uproar with Marketers  

Video is more and more a key marketing strategy. However, companies like Procter & Gamble (Swiffer), Anheuser-Busch (Bud Light) and Johnson & Johnson (Aveeno) now have a challenge when it comes to running ads on You Tube. These marketers are furious because many of their ads have run before video ISIS propaganda and jihad-themed videos.

So how many companies have been affected by this? It is impossible to know. However, the few companies that have noticed this are outraged. You-Tube has a big role to fill. They may not want to police the content that is uploaded through their site, however, they can take a firmer approach and block videos and the people who post them. YouTube does take down videos that have violence but had not taken down ISIS videos that don’t. Unfortunately, if YouTube does make this decision, they will be threatened by ISIS similarly to the threats that Twitter experienced earlier this month. Currently, YouTube has clear policies prohibiting content intended to incite violence and they claim to remove videos violating these policies ‘when flagged by users.’ Their advertising guidelines work to prevent ads appearing against any video, channel or page once they determine the content is not appropriate.

The alternative approach is to take the time and money to make sure that ads do not run in front of ISIS videos, which may be fixed with repeatedly changing algorithms. Mistakes will inevitably happen and YouTube will still have to appease big brand marketers.

Regardless of how marketers choose to battle ISIS, by protecting their own brand- name and putting pressure on YouTube or by volunteering to join state efforts & use their skills for the greater good, it’s no question that ISIS has leaked not only  into our personal and political lives but also our professional lives as well.