Think Waze is only used to get drivers from Point A to Point B? Now, Waze Ads reimagines the relationship between brands and drivers. Waze now helps get consumers (Point A) to think top of mind with brands and directs them to businesses (Point B) too.  The platform is able to bring together the best of out-of-home and mobile advertising to achieve a branded experience within a drive. Waze is providing brands with intelligent data and the ability to target drivers like never before.

The different formats available include:

  • Branded Pin: a perfectly placed billboard which informs and reminds drivers that your business is on or near their route
  • Takeovers: a large canvas revealed to your selected audience when their attention is highest
  • Nearby Arrow: A well positioned signpost shown in the first moments after opening the app indicating your business is nearby
  • Promoted Search: Your locations will be promoted to the top of search results and include your brand logo

“Hey, what’s that billboard also doing on my Waze Ads?”

McDonald’s in the Southern California region is teaming up with Waze.  Their goal is to drive better outdoor ad results by geofencing more than 300 billboards. When a drivers stopped for at least four seconds, a full-screen ad complementing the one from a nearby billboard would appear on the Waze app and offer the driver the option of driving to McDonald’s.

During the first eight weeks, 8,400 people clicked through and chose to head to a McDonald’s. It’s far from “billions served” but it’s measurable. The campaign delivered 6.4 million mobile ad impressions and 1.9 million unique users reached. After the success in Southern California, McDonalds in Nevada, Arizona, Houston, Tampa and Orlando have signed up for Waze Ads.

Newer technology like this is having a major impact on how advertisers can generate sales. Additionally, advertisers like how measurable this form of advertising is so businesses will have a good idea on their Return On Investment. Need help navigating this new frontier? Whether you are interested in cutting edge programs like this one or other similar type programs, we are here to help.