April 26, 2024

As Spring is starting, our thoughts turn to honoring the remarkable women in our lives, particularly our mothers. Mother’s Day, a celebration deeply entrenched in tradition, is not just a day of appreciation but also an occasion for commerce, guided by the influence of advertising.

Mother’s Day Shopping Behaviors

A recent study sheds light on the influence advertisements have on consumers in the realm of Mother’s Day gifting. The study offers a comprehensive view of Americans’ shopping behavior, preferences, and emotional inclinations surrounding this special day.

Advertising emerges as a significant player in the Mother’s Day gift-selection process, with 44% of consumers relying on it for inspiration. However, a sizable portion of individuals do not rely on advertisements.

How Advertising Has an Impact

Delving deeper into advertising channels, social media emerges as a frontrunner, capturing the attention of 16% of consumers, followed closely by online advertising at 11%. The power of influencers also reigns supreme, with a substantial 21% turning to them for guidance.

Emotional resonance plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions of Mother’s Day ads, with themes of family bonding, happiness, gratitude, and love taking center stage. These emotional triggers not only tug at heartstrings but also drive purchasing decisions, highlighting the nuanced psychology behind consumer behavior.

Mother’s Day Differences

96% of Americans surveyed celebrate Mother's Day, with a majority being women. Celebratory methods vary, with 24% opting for gifts, 24% for family gatherings, and others choosing phone calls or greeting cards. Notably, Baby Boomers lead in gift-giving at 51%. Spending trends indicate a significant portion planning to spend between $101 and $200, with most intending to increase their expenditure compared to last year. Advertising plays a crucial role, with Amazon being the preferred shopping destination for 75% of shoppers. Gift preferences span various categories, from fragrance to jewelry. Shopping behaviors also vary, with some waiting for Mother's Day sales, while others shop spontaneously or well in advance.

Cate Bender, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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April 26, 2024