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What If…

You can consult with a former DISNEY/ABC executive and leverage over 25 years of media insight to plan your campaigns?

What We Key On

Marketing Keys is a boutique media management firm headquartered in Chicago. Founder Roger Keys has personally helped over (600) businesses covering a span of (25) plus years with their marketing and advertising programs.

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Being Small is Key

Marketing Keys puts ourselves in your shoes. We treat your marketing budget like it is our own money…trying to squeeze every last penny to make your budget (our budget) go further.

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Key to Our Growth

Although Marketing Keys is able to work with any size Company, we focus on Small and Mid-Sized Advertisers. Smaller and Mid-Sized Advertisers are an underserved market.

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Marketing Keys: Where Great Content + Expert Paid Media Placement = Success!

Paid media doesn’t cure all of a company’s ills. We get it. Consumers are smarter today. They are researching you online, reading your social media content, reading your reviews and so much more. We help your business in all phases of the customer journey.


Why hire a professional advertising agency?

Here are some ways in which a professional Advertising Agency can help you.

Market Research

Before starting a marketing campaign, you need to determine the who, where, why, what and when of your customer base.

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Expert Paid Media placement

Marketing Keys is able to deliver your creatively designed message to as many of your potential customers as possible, with minimal waste, and for the fewest dollars.

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Content management

Many businesses do not have the time or the expertise to create a message that will cut through the clutter and reach your customer.

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Better Sleep

You can focus on the day to day activities of running your business and let Marketing Keys handle your Advertising and Marketing objectives.

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What makes us different?

It’s simple. Your company will be linked with the President of our company. Roger is a former Walt Disney/ABC media executive that has helped hundreds of companies get  customers to take action. Other shops may pass you off to a Junior Account Executive. We take our relationships very seriously to give your company the best chance of success.

It gives us a tremendous head-start against other agencies and media buying firms that don’t have that structure in place. The result? Marketing Keys offers its clients the most thought out, well-planned, strategic and  efficiently priced marketing programs. After all, we want to make sure your company succeeds.

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