April 9, 2021

Influencer marketing is more than just sponsored posts on Instagram. Brands could significantly benefit from breaking out of this stereotype and looking into podcast partnerships. These type of influencers are often trusted and beloved personalities by their listeners. Listening to podcasts is highly personal and the immersive storytelling draws in listeners and holds their attention. Podcasts capture the attention of their audience for a lot longer than an Instagram post or TikTok.  In fact, the average podcast listener finishes 80% of a podcast episode, which averages nearly 39 minutes. Podcasters also naturally align with the goals and objectives of most influencer marketing campaigns. This includes things like product discovery, tutorials, endorsements and cultural relevance. Here are four primary reasons that podcasters are a must-have in your influencer marketing campaigns.


1. Authentic Partnerships

Podcasters have such a loyal fan base that they actually welcome and appreciate brand partnerships, 64% of podcast listeners say they appreciate podcast advertisers for supporting their favorite podcast. Likewise, 45% of podcast listeners believe the hosts of the podcasts they listen to regularly actually use the products and services they mention on their shows.


2. Measurement

Measurement has always been a challenge when it comes to influencer marketing,. However, there have been some strides to better measure delivery and attribution. The primary measurement methods available to tracking the performance of host live-read endorsements are promo codes, vanity URLS, surveys and pixels.


3. Control

Podcast partnerships offer a boost to your standard influencer marketing tactics because podcasting scale comes with far more control over placement, creative and brand safety.


4. Niche Communities

Brands should look into partnerships with niche communities in an authentic way. Since these communities are specialized, the best way to influence as a brand is through partnership with a trusted third party, forging a meaningful connection with your target audience.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.


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April 9, 2021