February 11, 2020

More people today are using Facebook than Google. If consumers are on Facebook, then businesses should be on Facebook too. Facebook can build your business but how do you build a loyal following?

Facebook can build your business if you are more social than promotional

First and foremost, Facebook is a social networking site. People are there to share and chat. People don’t join Facebook to be bombarded with advertising messages. The last thing you want to do is annoy your audience so much that they end up unliking your page. The key to being successful on Facebook is sharing a lot of helpful and interesting information. You can still have some promotional posts; just try to keep them to a minimum and make sure that you are being more social than promotional.

Facebook can build your business if you encourage conversation

Get your audience involved in the conversation, ask questions, poll them and encourage them to share stories about their experience with you. Inviting your customers to be a part of the conversation will not only help show your customers that you are interested in them. It will also probably gain you more followers as well.

Facebook can build your business if you give an incentive for liking your page

Offer something to potential fans so they like your Facebook page. You can create a custom landing page that offers a coupon or discount code if people like the page. This can help grow your audience and gives you a higher likelihood that people who come and look at your page will actually “like” it.

Facebook can build your business if you use facebook ads

Facebook ads are another easy way to grow your fan base. Invest in Facebook ads when your page and your strategy for Facebook are all up and running 100 percent. If you pay for ads that bring you fans, but you are not interacting with them yet, you will probably lose their attention very quickly and will have wasted your money and effort.

Facebook can build your business if you use video and images

A good use of pictures and video can help build your fan base and keep them coming back. Facebook allows you to be creative with your page. Make sure your use that to your advantage.

Facebook can build your business if you are easy to find

Make it easy for customers to find your page when they are on your main website. Have a prominent “Like us on Facebook” tab somewhere on the site. This gives customers who want to know more about you or be more connected to you a chance to do that.Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.

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February 11, 2020