September 2, 2020

The current pandemic has created financial uncertainty for millions of families and private schools across the US. Private schools need a plan to ensure that both current and prospective families continue to see them as an essential investment. But how exactly will private schools pivot during a pandemic? Marketing Keys is fortunate to work with over a half dozen private and independent schools. Here are six strategies that will help you show why independent schools are invaluable during COVID-19.

  1. Address coronavirus-specific plan

During these unpredictable times, parents and students crave consistency, familiarity, and connection. Schools should push for their faculty to develop creative lesson plans and virtual experiences.

  1. Broadcast your successes to maximize community awareness

To ensure that prospective families see the value of private schools during this time, schools should work on branding campaigns. Put together a thoughtfully crafted press release to share with local news and media outlets. Make sure to include plans for remote learning in your messages.

  1. Leverage the virtual learning to gain prospective students

The pandemic has left students with more time on their hands than usual and their parents are looking for ways to keep them occupied. Inviting prospective students to join online classes, athletic coaching sessions and social events are all great options to help them feel included in your community at a time when connection and inclusion are more valuable than ever.

  1. Make your website a virtual destination

Now is the time to revamp your website and enhance your virtual tour. Help prospective families see your campus as the place that they want to be once the world returns to normal. EAB’s YouVisit analysts have seen a significant uptick in traffic to campus virtual tours since quarantine began.

  1. Don’t cancel your events

Don’t cancel your events. Instead, replace them with virtual events. Virtual tours followed by Q&A sessions will help students and families feel prepared for the upcoming school year.

6. Don’t cancel your media programs

Now, more than ever, it is important for private and independent schools to be branding themselves in the community. They need to make sure the schools stay top of mind with prospective families. Education will still be an important financial consideration for countless families who want to make sure their children are in the best learning environment.The financial uncertainty will force families to make difficult choices about where they put their money. Independent schools cannot afford to lose contact and engagement with prospects. These strategies will give you the opportunity to show parents and students the stability, adaptability, and community your institution provides during these difficult times.Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. Carolina is instrumental in creating all the proof of performance recaps for all of our Private Schools while including all the relevant data.

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September 2, 2020