September 9, 2019

A publisher will sell all of its ad impressions directly to advertisers at premium CPMs but when that doesn’t happen they become available as remnant media. This media strategy can trigger business as it is heavily discounted making it a smart way for advertisers to maximize their budget. Remnant media allows advertisers to reach new markets and audiences you might otherwise not be able to afford. Here’s how to make remnant media work for your business:

Know Your Audience

The value of remnant inventory is based on its ability to reach and engage your audience while keeping costs low. Apply a people-based marketing approach to your targeting strategy. With a people-based approach, media is purchased based on data from your actual customers. Remnant media is tempting because of its price but not all remnant media is the right buy for you. The best outcomes happen when your media buys accurately target your most valuable audiences.

Focus on Engagement

Identifying the eCPM can mean the difference between money wasted and money yielding high returns. To maximize your return on investment, focus your remnant buys when and where your target audience is actively in the market for your product. Then purchase remnant inventory based on CPM goals rather than on rates.

Part of your Media Strategy

Remnant media buying should never be your whole media buying strategy. Instead, it should enhance your overall plan. When building your annual media plan, include remnant media in your budget. Remnant media is a last minute opportunity that happens quickly. Have your different options for creative ready ahead of time with correct ad specs.The key to unlocking the real value of remnant is knowing what inventory to buy in order to achieve your marketing goals. The greatest outcomes happen when your media buys accurately target your most valuable audiences. Understanding where your customers are paying the most attention and then finding opportunities to buy those spots at the lowest rates will bring in the best outcome.

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September 9, 2019