December 9, 2019

As the New Year rapidly approaches, your 2020 marketing campaign will be here before you know it! As you are making your personal resolutions, set aside some time to make some for your business as well. The new year gives you the opportunity to try updated marketing strategies that will benefit your business. Here are 8 tips that will help your 2020 marketing campaign succeed.

1. Define Your 2020 Marketing Campaign Goals

Setting goals will help you determine if your marketing strategies were effective. Make sure the goals you set are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. After setting your goals, set objectives that will help achieve said results.

2. Consistent Branding

Brands become recognizable because of their consistent branding. Whether a consumer visits your website, Facebook page or newsletter archive, the overall look and feel of your messaging should be the same.

3. Refresh Your Website

Your website might have been engaging five years ago but odds are that is no longer the case. Making your site appealing to search engines like Google will help users discover your website. While designing effective content for the user experience will ensure they stick around to learn about your business.

4. Active Social Media Presence

You don’t need be on every platform. Research where your customers frequent and invest your time and money into those platforms. Again, in order to be effective, you must be consistent.

5. Targeted Advertising

Social media algorithms can make it hard for organic content to stand out. Therefore, you must invest in targeted advertising to increase your visibility on your top platforms.

6. Consistent Blogging

If one of your marketing goals is to increase website traffic, blogging needs to be a priority in your 2020 plan. Having a blog section on your website and a post here and there isn’t enough. BE CONSISTENT. Allocate time and money to blogging. According to recent research, having a blog as part of your company’s website increases your chances of ranking higher in search engine results by 434 percent!

7. Regular Email Newsletters

Integrating email newsletters into your marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to reach consumers while making the most of other content you’ve already created. This is the perfect place to share your blog posts as well as any videos, graphics or other designs you craft for your brand. According to Hubspot, 91 percent of shoppers want to hear from companies they do business with via email.

8. Review And Refine Your Marketing Strategy

Take the time to review Google Analytics, social media insights and both email open rates and click throughs to provide you with insights on your performance. This will tell you how your readers and followers are responding to your content. If a certain strategy isn't working based on the analytics, you will have an opportunity to tweak or kill that strategy.Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys. Carolina can't believe how quickly that 2020 along with the start of a new decade will be here in no time!

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December 9, 2019