October 27, 2023

Looking to up your social media game next year? Semrush has pinpointed five major social media trends anticipated to dominate major platforms soon. As social media continually evolves based on trends and user choices, staying updated is crucial. Here are vital insights and predictions to help you refine your 2024 social media strategy:

Being Authentic

Genuine authenticity is vital when it comes to brand perception. Social media serves as the ideal platform for fostering this authenticity. Humanizing your brand by sharing genuine stories and participating in meaningful dialogues establishes emotional bonds with customers. People crave the faces and voices behind the brand. Creating such sincere connections boosts engagement, brand loyalty, and advocacy, a trend especially pronounced among Gen Z. Embracing user-generated content, emphasizing transparency and honesty, has surpassed the belief in high-production content.

Partnering with Content Creators

Creating meaningful connections and a sense of community in your content is crucial for a genuine and enduring social media presence. Achieving this authenticity involves strategic influencer marketing. High-quality content that narrates a story resonates deeply, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, even when sourced from smaller influencers. Collaborations solely based on influencers' vast followings are fading. Building lasting relationships with influencers, rooted in shared values, surpasses mere transactions, fostering genuine connections. Quality, not quantity, in influencer partnerships is paramount, enhancing authenticity and resonating with diverse audiences, promoting brand integrity.

Utilizing AI

While AI enhances efficiency, it lacks human creativity, emotional understanding, and contextual grasp, crucial for authentic marketing. Human marketers remain vital for interpreting data insights and infusing campaigns with a genuine touch. AI has reshaped digital marketing dynamics, aiding personalized advertising and social media tasks. Marketers foresee AI supporting baseline ideas, granting humans strategic thinking time. However, while exploring AI's potential, maintaining authenticity and human value in content creation remains paramount, ensuring it aligns with brand values and consumer needs.

Finding the Best Platforms

Succeeding in 2024 requires strategic platform selection. Identifying target audience and effective platforms is essential. TikTok stands out for its global popularity, high user engagement, and evolution in short-form video content. TikTok is ideal for user-generated content and influencer partnerships. LinkedIn, a hub for professional networking, is vital too. Prioritizing executive presence enhances brand transparency, fostering direct engagement with clients and partners. Adapting to these platforms and utilizing their unique features is key for success in the evolving social media landscape of 2024.

Experimenting with Content

In the realm of social media metrics, genuine engagement can be hard to come around. Creating authentic content that fosters connections is pivotal, as evolving algorithms prioritize content that prompts reactions, discussions, and shares. As social media landscapes shift, experimenting with diverse metrics becomes crucial for goal achievement. A/B testing, commonly used in web and email strategies, will expand into social media in 2024. Staying updated with current trends in this dynamic digital space is imperative.

Cate Bender, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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October 27, 2023