March 22, 2023

Would you like for your brand to capture the attention of hundreds of thousands or millions of people a day? Marketing your product or service on TV helps you achieve that. While linear TV marketing doesn’t give you the option of a simple link to click, it gives you the opportunity to get creative on how you sell your product to viewers.

Here are some ways to effectively sell your product or service on TV:

  1. Choose channels that your customers will likely watch. For example, marketing a product that’s aimed at male teenagers is best done by advertising on channels that teenage boys watch. It could be channels like MTV, Comedy Central and Adult Swim on the linear side. On the streaming side, you may want to catch them on You Tube or Netflix.
  1. Make the most out of your few seconds on the air. You typically only have 30 seconds or less to advertise your product. Don’t dance around the subject. Instead, explain what you’re offering immediately when viewers see your ad.
  1. Show the product in action. According to “Entrepreneur,” experienced advertiser Joseph Gray says it’s impossible to show the benefits of a product without showing how it works. Don’t tell viewers what your product does. Show them.
  1. Explain the benefits of your product. How will your product affect your viewers? Convince them that it will change their lives in a positive way. List off how your product will benefit their lives. You may want to give hypothetical problematic situations that most people have been in and explain how your product would fix the situation.
  2. What makes your product different than anything else on the market? Kim Gordon of “Entrepreneur” explains that focusing on how your product is unique will increase your chances of making sales.
  3. Create different ads. Create :15, 30-second and 60-second TV advertisements and show different approaches to your marketing campaign.
  1. Call to Action. A simple "Buy it now" with a url or a number for people to call and purchase your product will suffice. Marketer Sean McPheat explains that a call to action is a necessity when advertising on TV.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.

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March 22, 2023