February 9, 2024

Indeed, the landscape of motherhood is evolving, with the oldest members of Generation Z stepping into this role amidst unique challenges and characteristics. While many companies continue to target millennial mothers, it's becoming increasingly evident that Gen Z moms demand a different approach.

The Gen Z Mom

Shaped by experiences such as the COVID-19 pandemic, staggering student loan debt, and economic instability, Gen Z moms are carving out their own identities as household leaders. Their proficiency with technology, inclination towards modernizing daily tasks, and emphasis on forging meaningful offline connections set them apart. As they navigate their purchasing decisions, these mothers are deliberate and cautious with their spending.

Here are some key differentiators between Gen Z moms and their millennial counterparts:

Shopping Habits

Gen Z moms exhibit a tendency for utilizing multiple mobile devices for online shopping. While millennial moms primarily rely on their smartphones, a significant 45% of Gen Z moms utilize both their mobile phones and tablets for shopping, compared to less than 22% of millennials who use tablets.

Product Reviews

Product reviews hold heightened importance for Gen Z moms, with 93% consulting them before making a purchase, compared to 73% of millennial mothers. Additionally, Gen Z moms express a greater inclination towards purchasing products after viewing video reviews on platforms like Amazon.


Gen Z households are more sensitive to grocery prices compared to millennial families due to lower disposable income and being earlier in their career trajectories. Consequently, Gen Z moms are more likely to start shopping earlier for holidays and events to scout for the best deals. They also rely more on gift guides and top item lists for product discovery, with 75% utilizing them compared to 63% of millennial moms.


Amazon plays a central role in the shopping behavior of Gen Z moms, with a staggering 99% of them holding Prime memberships compared to 90% of millennials. They are also more inclined to purchase best-selling products and follow influencers on Amazon, leveraging features like Amazon Live.


Gen Z moms demonstrate a desire for discovering products through TikTok, unlike their millennial counterparts. Upon discovery, they turn to Google for further information rather than directly visiting the brand's website.

Understanding the motivations and preferences of Gen Z moms is crucial for brands aiming to secure their loyalty. Failing to adapt marketing tactics to resonate with this generation risks alienating a significant consumer demographic, highlighting the importance of tailored approaches catering to the evolving demands of Gen Z mothers.

Cate Bender, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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February 9, 2024