April 21, 2020

The corona virus pandemic has forced us to change the way we work and live. Like many other industries, the marketing world has been severely affected by the pandemic. With events being cancelled and the stay at home orders, businesses have been forced to find new ways to stay alive. Currently, marketers have found new ways to reach their customers. But, how will marketers adapt post pandemic?6 Predictions on how marketers adapt post pandemic:

  1. More Contactless Interactions

COVID-19 has made most of us hyper-aware of every touchable surface that could transmit the disease. Therefore, in a post-COVID-19 world, we expect there to be fewer contact interactions. There will be an increase of voice and machine vision interfaces such as Apple Pay that recognize faces and gestures to limit the amount of physical contact.

  1. Greater use of Digital

COVID-19 has caused people to adapt to working from home. People were forced to move meetings, lessons, workouts, and more from in person to digital. As a result, we have learned that video calls are just as effective as in person meetings.

  1. Telemedicine for the healthcare industry

To limit the amount of people at hospitals and other healthcare offices, many are offering virtual consultations for their patients. Rather than rushing to the doctor, remote care enables clinical services without an in-person visit.

  1. More Online Shopping

Businesses who didn't have an online option faced financial trouble with COVID-19. Therefore, in a post pandemic world, businesses will have to figure out ways to have online services and delivery options.

  1. Increased Reliance on Robots

Robots can’t contract viruses. Whether they deliver groceries or take vitals in a healthcare system, robots could support us in a post-COVID-19 world or during a future pandemic.

  1. More Digital Events

COVID-19 forced organizers and participants of in-person events to move their events online. In-person events won’t be entirely replaced by digital events but they will be complemented with digital events.The corona virus pandemic has caused a lot of stress. But, it’s also building our resilience and allowing us to develop new and innovative solutions for our everyday lives.Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator for Marketing Keys.

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April 21, 2020