February 19, 2021

The pandemic took the world by surprise and caused disruption in all areas of life. B2B marketers who relied on in-person events had to change how they reach decision-makers. Recently, Twitter partnered with Bain One new research study that looked at how the business decision-making process has changed this past year and how marketers have adapted. The study discovered a disconnect between how marketers think they influence the buying process and how they actually do. What B2B decision-makers say about your brand is more important than anything you tell them yourself. The good thing is that you can influence the conversations they’re having about you in just three easy steps.


Step 1: Make virtual connections

Nowadays, 50% of buyers expect networking to be harder in a virtual environment. They’re concerned that they won’t be able to connect the way they used to. Therefore, marketers are investing their time and resources in creating online platforms where buyers and vendors can communicate and form connections. They’re getting creative and getting in on virtual events, webinars and executive Q&As.


Step 2: Connect with the middle man

According to the study, nearly 90% of business decision-makers say that middle management provides key inputs into the decision-making process. Middle managers also happen to be the audience you are most likely of reaching on social media. They spend more time on these platforms than senior members and are more likely to attend virtual events and webinars.

Step 3: Flip B2B to B2H

Humanize your brand. Focus on connecting with the people on the other side instead of just trying to sell your product or service. Take advantage of social media to connect with consumers on a human-to-human level. Especially right now, make sure to address the challenges that customers are facing during the pandemic.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.


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February 19, 2021