January 21, 2022

Are you having some anxiety about your job? As we enter Year 3 of COVID-19, many Americans are still feeling anxious. The ongoing global pandemic has brought up a lot of uncertainties and is causing people to think twice about their priorities.  

Workplace anxiety

People, especially Gen Zers, are becoming antsy and will leave their jobs if the jobs don’t meet their needs. More than 20 million Americans quit their jobs in the last six months of 2021 during “The Great Resignation.” And it isn’t over yet. Nearly 1 in 4 Americans plan to quit their jobs within a year. These are mainly younger people in the workforce that are single and mobile. They are generally not married with children. The rise of remote work is also bringing up a desire to move. More than 4 in 10 people said that they would take a pay cut to move to a more affordable location.

Other factors causing anxiety

Inflation is rising and Americans are anxious. Many are very concerned about escalating prices and worry about being able to afford necessities like groceries (84%), gasoline (83%) and home energy (78%). Parents are also worried about childcare. The rollercoaster of rising covid cases has made childcare an overwhelming experience. COVID-19 cases among children are increasing exponentially. So, what is a parent to do last minute if their child contracts the virus and can’t attend daycare or school? This is just another challenge to in the workplace.


2020 might be long gone but the uncertainty that came with it is still with us as we start 2022. What does this mean for advertisers? The key takeaway is continuing to respect consumers for where they are mentally and physically. Consumers want to engage in the world by traveling and moving as they quit their jobs, However, uncertainty and inflation are making them hesitant and worried. So don’t push them too hard. All of us are taking this one day at a time.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.

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January 21, 2022