July 22, 2022

Lately, food brands have been focusing on the Millennial and Gen Z audience but might be missing out on a powerful demographic when it comes to building sales and increasing ROI: adults 50+.

Adults 50+ make up nearly half of all American adults. They also buy 54% of all groceries and make more weekly trips to the grocery store than any other age group. Whether in person or online, 50+ adults are open to new ideas, experiences, products, and services. This makes them the ideal target audience. Is your brand targeting the 50+ consumer? Here are three reasons why you should be.

REASON #1: Health Conscious

Adults 50+ are health conscious. They believe in “healthy eating” as opposed to traditional dieting. They want the facts to make informed decisions and read the labels.

This means they think holistically and convey the ways in which your brand would help them in advancing overall lifestyle goals.

REASON #2: Creative in the Kitchen

Adults 50+ are more likely to cook at home than any other group. They don’t do it because they must. They do it because they enjoy it.

For marketers of meal kit delivery services this is a dream come true. Not only does the 50+ age group truly enjoy cooking. In addition, they are more likely to commit long term to a subscription service.

REASON #3: Online Shopping

Believe it or not, Adults 50+ appreciate the ease, convenience and selection that online shopping offers them. Since the pandemic began, they’re shopping online even more. The 50+ consumer segment has seen a 154% increase in grocery and meal kit purchases online.

This means marketers should provide a good experience throughout the consumer journey. They should directly target the 50+ consumers with messaging that addresses them.

Consumers 50+ are living longer, healthier, and more independent lives. Brands should think about the ways they align with their lifestyle and target in the appropriate way..

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.

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July 22, 2022