July 26, 2023

You have to be living under a rock if you have not heard about the new Barbie movie that just came out. Everyone in the world knows about this movie due to the incredible marketing campaign that led up to the release of the movie. This marketing campaign has many key lessons that brands can use to increase their brand awareness.

Build Curiosity

The Barbie team built curiosity around the movie by strategically launching different elements at various times, such as the crew. This allows people to continuously be pulled back in when something new is released. It also makes consumers more curious about what else will be released and about the movie in general. Companies can use this tactic by creating a marketing plan leading up to a milestone or event that helps create curiosity.

Utilize User-Generated Content

Content created and shared by consumers is a huge way to get people talking. Barbie utilized this tactic by creating a Barbie Selfie Generator which allowed people to turn their selfies into Barbie-style images. Creating something interactive for your consumers on social media can help them connect with your brand even more.

Target The Right Audience

Barbie not only targeted children, but they also targeted adults through nostalgia. Barbie knew exactly what their audience was and how to reach them. It is very important for brands to know who their audience is and what kinds of messages to put in front of them.


Barbie partnered with a variety of brands that aligned with their brand identity to help increase reach, such as Airbnb, Forever21, and Aldo shoes. Partnerships are a great way for brands to reach a variety of audiences that they make not be able to reach on their own.

Being Consistent

Barbie’s branding is iconic with the hot pink and the Barbie logo font. This branding was used consistently throughout their marketing campaign, which helps reinforce brand awareness. It is important for brands to have consistent branding across platforms so consumers can easily recognize your brand.


Barbie released limited-edition products and special promotions which helped increase engagement and sales. Brands can use this tactic by releasing special offers or early-access perks that will make consumers feel like they need to buy now.

Have a Creative Culture

The creativity that surrounded Barbie’s marketing campaign is what pushed it to become something we have never seen. Creativity within your brand allows your team to think outside the box and create new ideas.

Oppenheimer was released the same weekend as Barbie, with many anticipating how each movie would do. Barbie made almost more than double what Oppenheimer made, which shows what an incredible marketing campaign can do for a brand.

Cate Bender, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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July 26, 2023