August 26, 2019

Inhouse marketing vs. outsourcing? Companies are often faced with making the decision of in-house marketing vs. outsourcing. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and certain situations in which one is better than the other. The right answer might be having both. Having an in-house marketing and an ad agency to collaborate could be the answer to successful campaigns.

Why In-House Marketing?

An in-house marketing allows employees of the company to handle the marketing for that company. A big plus for in housing is that the team is already familiar with the company’s product, philosophy, and culture. Therefore, they’re able to easily determine what work best for the company. Another advantage of in-house marketing is the dedication and interest in the company from the employees. Finally, an in-house team could provide you with much faster communication because everyone is working together in the same place than by working with a larger firm. If you're working with a smaller firm, then speed is not an issue.

Why Ad Agency?

The advantage of an ad agency over an in-house team is that they have a lot of marketing experience. They are on the frontline for media placement so they know how to create the best strategies for your company. Another big advantage of hiring an Ad Agency is the resources they bring to a campaign. An ad agency has access to the best research and partners with the most creative talents in the industry so they can provide you with the best resources. Finally, getting input and suggestions from a different team often brings new ideas from a completely fresh point of view. An in-house team may develop a routine that they don’t even consider thinking outside the box. If you are executing the same media strategies that you were 10, 5 or even a few years ago, then it is time to consult with an expert.

Inhouse Marketing vs. Outsourcing

The right answer for you might be a hybrid approach. When you want to use the capabilities of both, you could simply hire an in-house marketer who manages the collaboration with the external marketing agency. This allows you to take the first step of building an in-house marketing team while getting support from an experienced agency. Another advantage of a mixed team is when you don’t have the budget to employ a complete team you could hire an agency to fill in the gaps. Hiring one or two in-house marketers and an agency allows you to explore the benefit of both and see what works best for your company.The decision is not an easy one to make. For many companies, starting out with the hybrid approach of utilizing both may make the decision easier for you down the road.

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August 26, 2019