March 11, 2019

95% of marketers recommend a blend of online and offline advertising to obtain maximum coverage. This according to the Garner CMO Spend Survey. The success of online advertising has not made offline marketing obsolete, but essential to marketing campaigns.The importance of omni channel advertising has grown in the past years. If you want to capitalize on your local market, you will need to invest in a blend of online and offline advertising. Combining the best of a blend of online and offline advertising will offer results in a strategy that covers all demographics and gives you higher success chances. When used right, offline marketing can help drive marketing campaigns.


A well placed and well-chosen sign can arouse curiosity and draw customers inside even though they didn’t intend to stop. The design of the sign depends on your audience and the message you are trying to send as a brand. On the one hand, millennials value creative graphics, bold colors and striking patterns. On the other hand, people 55 or over choose the simple, elegant graphics and classic fonts.

Promoting offline events online

Online marketing can help you build hype before the event and boost attendance. This will ultimately create more networking opportunities. Post on your business website and social media platforms about the event. This will also leverage SEO opportunities.

QR codes on printed promotional materials

A lot of offline advertising is consumed outside the home so a lot of the times its quick to forget. You can connect the offline with the online world by including a QR code on the printed ad. This way, you have a seamless interaction from one medium to another. Thereby, ensuring consistency in your brand message.

What’s the point?

The success of digital marketing hasn’t created a divide between online and offline marketing. Instead, it has created room for new strategies, innovation and creativity.Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator for Marketing Keys. Although a millennial, she loves the creativity between marrying and creating synergy with your online and offline media strategies.

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March 11, 2019