November 22, 2022

This Thanksgiving, I wanted to take time to list some things that I am most thankful for. Often, we have more to be thankful for than what we realize. Sometimes it may be hard to focus on these things when we are going through a pandemic, experiencing an inflation, going through difficult times etc.  But doing so can benefit us in several ways. Research has shown that making a list like this can benefit your mental health. Harvard reported in an article that giving thanks can make you happier. They note that being grateful makes you feel more positive emotions.

In my lifetime on this great planet, here are some things that I am most grateful for:


I think a lot about the life I had growing up and how that led me to where I am today. I can’t thank my parents enough for the life they had given me. Neither of them is still on this Earth but I think about them often. Each of them was responsible for the person I became today. Also, I think about my wife and (3) girls. That is what gets me out of bed each day. I put it all out on the line for them.


I live in a modest home in Northbrook, a beautiful suburb north of Chicago. It is always comforting knowing that you have a place you call home where you can always be yourself and feel secure.


I have friendships from all different walks of life, and I cherish those friendships immensely. Whether it be friends from high school, college, church, organizations you belong(ed) to, past jobs, you cannot put a price tag on the value of friends. As you age and become more and more engaged with your kids and all their activities, it becomes just as important to keep those friendships going.


This list is in no order but this one may as well be at the top. There is nothing more important than your health. God knows I have had my share of health scares throughout the years. I had spent a big chunk of my first 2 years of High School in hospitals wondering if I will make it through a major health challenge. Luckily, I did, and, since then, I never take the next day for granted.


In my 20s, I thought I knew everything. Then, in my 30s, I realized that I didn’t know everything in my 20s. In my 40s, I realized that I know a lot more than what I knew in my 30s. Finally, my 50s gave me the perspective that I have a good grasp of the meaning of life. I am still learning every day but the wisdom you receive throughout the years is invaluable.


In some ways, there is nothing that I appreciate more than exploring new places. There are still many more places – especially in other countries – that I have yet to explore. My goal is to do many of those in my 60s. The places I have travelled have given me many great memories (along with some great photos) throughout the years.


You may question why this is on my list.  I have had my share of life challenges. When they happen, they make you feel sad, frustrated and/or depressed.

However, when you overcome these challenges, there is no greater feeling of accomplishment.


Everyone in life needs a passion. For me, it’s golf. At times, your game may be as good as ever. Other days, you may feel like you want to throw your clubs around. However, there is nothing better than being outdoors with nature amongst good company.


There is nothing more gratifying than helping our clients succeed in a tough environment. We love it when our clients benefit from our work. It makes it even more gratifying when we know that we helped a company progress.


Every day, we interact with some of the best media reps. representing ABC, Facebook, iHeart, Clear Channel Outdoor and many others. Without their help, we realize that our service would not be possible.


I have gone to the same church since I was born. There is something comforting about that. The community is very friendly and I have made some really good friendships from there. Also, during struggles of everyday life, I am drawn to this House of God for spiritual guidance.

Roger Keys, the author, is Founder/President of Marketing Keys. He is thankful for your time in reading this blog today.

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November 22, 2022