March 12, 2021

Disney announced their plans for the future during their first tech showcase to agencies and clients. Their five-year plan includes unifying all of its screens, having over 50% of its business automated, and the majority of its supply addressable for both digital and linear. Disney’s goal is to make every impression count and to make it easier to buy across all platforms and take some of the complications out of the buying process.

Disney's Plans for the Future

The Mouse House is looking to make it easier for small-to-medium size businesses and direct-to-consumer brands that typically don’t advertise on traditional TV. They are looking to entice brands that have traditionally relied on digital marketing and are likely more open to these ways of doing business.

Disney's Real-Time Ad Exchange

Disney also unveiled its Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange, or DRAX, which is a video header-bidding solution designed to give choice and control to clients. DRAX will also allow biddable deals to compete alongside direct-sold and programmatic-guaranteed sales. It will allow for DSPs (demand-side platforms) to sell all potential inventory, not just the impressions that historically have made it to the auction. The goal of DRAX is for demand partners to be better prepared to plan for inventory and to capitalize on spikes in traffic. It will also offer lower latency and give these clients more time to surface their bids and respond accordingly.

 First party data

Additionally, Disney is bringing in its first-party data and advanced modeling capabilities under what it is now calling Disney Select. Through Disney Select, marketers can select their desired audiences from its library of first-party segments, which are activated across its portfolio. These segments have been developed to meet client needs specific to categories and desired outcomes.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.


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March 12, 2021