August 28, 2023

In today's dynamic marketing landscape, the merging of offline and online media has paved the way for brands to achieve unparalleled Return on Investment (ROI) objectives. This collaboration, where traditional methods meet the digital age, is proving to be a game-changer in reaching wider audiences and generating substantial returns. It is extremely rare these days that a consumer will see a singular ad and convert. This makes it more vital that brands utilize multichannel advertising, so consumers are more likely to convert after seeing multiple ads on various platforms.

Being in the Right Places

There are unlimited options when it comes to where marketers can advertise, such as social media, television, print, billboards, etc. This makes it very hard for marketers to buy advertising space on all of these platforms. Brands should do their research on who their audience is and target specific platforms that they know their audience uses. It is also important for brands to always be adaptable when it comes to advertising because some platforms might start to perform worse than others. Analyzing the impact of your brand’s ads on various platforms will help you identify the most effective media mix, which ultimately will increase your ROI.

Knowing their Strengths

As stated previously, it is important that brands are adaptable to what platforms they advertise on since consumers habits can always change. Brands should also have a flexible budget so they can optimize their ROI on their live campaigns. Understanding the different platform’s strengths is another way brands can optimize their campaigns. Online media, such as social media, allows for targeted advertising, is less expensive, and has accurate measurements. Offline media, such as print ads, has longer exposure, a broader reach, and increases brand awareness. Knowing what each platform brings to the table is important when trying to reach your brand’s objectives.

Finding the Right Media Mix

It can be super overwhelming trying to figure out the right mix of online and offline media, but when it is done right, it can create super impactful results for your campaigns. Finding the right media mix is more than just about having a presence on various platforms. It is also about engaging consumers and achieving a higher ROI. Knowing where your consumers are in their customer journey is important when thinking about what platforms to advertise on. Tracking how well your campaigns are obtaining conversions on various platforms has been an issue for marketers for a while now. Marketers need complete access to their insights on all online/offline platforms to get an overall view of how well each one is performing.

Measuring Results

Throughout this blog, we have emphasized the importance of analyzing results. However, measuring results is different on online and offline platforms. For offline platforms, brands tend to look at historical data at the same time their campaigns ran to see correlation. However, brands aren’t able to look at how consumers individually interact with their ads. With online platforms, brands are able to see how consumers interact individually with their ads. However, these insights may not always be accurate. Combining these measurements provides a whole picture into trends and individual consumer journeys.

This integrated approach amplifies audience reach, offers data-backed insights, encourages interactive engagement, and optimizes cost-effectiveness. Brands that are able to successfully find the right media mix stand to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly digital world. At Marketing Keys, we can help you find the most effective media mix for your brand to help optimize your goals.

The author, Cate Bender, is the Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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August 28, 2023