December 21, 2020

This year has taught us a lot. It showed us what we can live without in 2021 and what we can’t live without. This year brought a lot of perspective into our lives. Still, here’s what we can live without in 2021, as we look ahead to the new year.

What we can live without in 2021

  1. Generic and overused email introductions

Back in March, every email you received began with “Hope you’re staying safe and healthy.” You are probably still receiving emails with that same introduction. We’ve all been going through this for over nine months that we know the sentiment is there even if the words aren’t.

  1. Cardboard cutouts

Cardboard cutouts were to bring some lightheartedness to the situation. Now they are just sad reminders of the events we’re missing. From being a spectator and entertained at the Cubs, Sox, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks games, I personally cannot wait to be a live participant once again. My last live sporting event was right before the country shut down. It was a March 5th hockey game at the United Center, as the Chicago Blackhawks skated past the Edmonton Oilers 4-3. I had to research the date and the score, as that game was a distant memory. So much has happened in this country since then.

  1. Not seeing our clients in person

It’s great to connect over Zoom but we really miss the opportunity to connect with individuals in person and meeting in an actual conference room. We can’t wait to get back to normalcy working with these great individuals and marketing teams!

  1. Not seeing our staff and employees in person

From our receptionist, Office Manager to our Project Coordinator, we all miss being together and interacting. Working from home has its perks and – in many ways- we are just as productive. However, there is nothing like interacting in person.

  1. Not seeing our vendors/media partners in person

We work with some of the top media reps. in the country. They come to us many times with ideas on how their medium can best work for our clients. We truly miss those interactions and look forward to those coming back!

  1. Mask-wearing in ads

We understand the importance of masks but it’s depressing to be reminded of the pandemic while trying to escape through your favorite television series or sporting event. I saw an ad on TV recently for Lowe’s and they showed customers in masks. Although timely and appropriate, it reminded me of something that I don’t truly care to be reminded of.

  1. Teams/Zoom calls

I get it. We all want to feel connected. However, we need to be smart with our time as well. Just as not every email needs to be a meeting, not every meeting needs to be a video chat.

  1. Virtual conferences

Virtual conferences are better than no conferences at all.  However, at the real conferences, I truly miss the networking, the snacks and the cocktail hour. I have made life long relationships at some of these conferences. I also have made connections that turned into clients for us. I truly miss this important form of networking and interaction.

Roger Keys, the author, is President of Marketing Keys. Roger looks forward to bringing in 2021 with the hope of erasing the negative vibes from 2020!

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December 21, 2020