August 20, 2021

With podcast advertising on the rise, the question of which kinds of ads are more effective on podcasts arises. Are host live-read ads better or are pre-produced ads more effective? Host live-read podcast ads are placed into the show organically while pre-produced ads that are bought programmatically are dynamically inserted into the episode. There are benefits to both. Which is one better than the other?

Host live-read ads

One of the key benefits of host live-read ads is their incredible persuasive power of personality-driven media and the trust that podcast listeners have in the hosts they listen to. Host live-read ads also have an authentic and organic nature of the ad delivery that in turn delivers high engagement rates.  In fact, according to the Super Listeners 2020 research study, 45% of podcast listeners say they believe that the podcast hosts that they regularly listen to actually use the products they mention during their shows.

Pre-produced ads

On the other hand, pre-produced programmatic ads have an ease to them. Programmatic ads come with buying efficiency, targeting capabilities and a dynamic nature of placing an ad that is time sensitive to a brand. As the podcast industry moves toward both audience-based planning and buying, running programmatic podcast ads offers a more efficient way to reach a brand’s target audience through audio. EMarketer predicts that total programmatic podcast expenditures will reach $106 million by 2022, which is more than a 300% increase from 2020.

Our take

At Marketing Keys, we’ve never believed in an either or strategy. Our best campaigns are the ones that implement a mix of different approaches. However, we truly believe in the power of personality-driven media and if it makes sense for your brand, that is a very smart strategy. Both buying methods deliver meaningful business results and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys.

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August 20, 2021