November 12, 2021

Are you wondering which social media platform are the best to utilize for your business? Our Social Media department can help you figure that out.

Predicting what the upcoming year will bring is not easy. However, one thing we can almost guarantee to be a success is social media. The majority of marketers plan to increase their social media investment .

Which platforms will marketers increase their budgets the most? Instagram holds the top spot at 48%. However, others are close behind. About 47% of marketers plan to increase budgets on Facebook, 44% on YouTube, and 43% on LinkedIn. The biggest jump was with TikTok. 36% of marketers plan to increase their investment on the app. This is a huge jump!  Last year, only 13% said they planned to increase their investment in the platform.


While Facebook and Instagram remain on top, marketers rated TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat as being more effective than they have been in previous years. TikTok’s ad effectiveness jumped to 700% from 3% last year to 24% this year, according to the data.

WHAT WILL BE the GOALS IN 2022 When utilizing SOCIAL?

SMB (1-99 employees) companies reported: Increase acquisition of new customers followed by increasing brand awareness

Mid-size (100-999 employees) companies reported: Improving the employee experience followed by brand protection/risk mitigation

Enterprise (1000+ employees) companies reported: Brand protection/risk mitigation followed by improving the employee experience

The top three goals businesses have for social in 2022 are brand awareness, customer acquisition, and to drive conversions. Although, businesses want to invest more in social media, they still face some challenges. The top three challenges are consistently producing creative social content, the decline of organic reach and the need to increase paid advertising budgets on social. In addition, integrating data and technology to build a unified customer view is also a challenge.

Social media has it’s challenges. However, the potential to grow a successful business increases drastically when you invest in social media. Nowadays, consistently posting isn’t enough. You need a well-planned out social media strategy,  Let us know if we can help!

Carolina Macedo, the author, is Project Coordinator and Marketing Keys' Social Media Coordinator.

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November 12, 2021