September 25, 2023

Has your favorite show been postponed because of the writers’ strike? If yes, you will probably want to read about this update.

The Tentative Deal

After nearly five months of tense negotiations and a strike that shook the entertainment industry, Hollywood's writers, represented by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), and major legacy TV and movie companies, part of the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers, have finally reached a tentative deal. This development could potentially mark the beginning of the end for the writers' lengthy strike. The WGA negotiating committee described the deal as "exceptional," boasting "meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership." However, specific details of the agreement were not disclosed, leaving many eager to learn about the fine print.

The Reason for the Strike

The strike, which began in May, primarily revolved around the demand for higher residuals, especially for content that finds its way onto streaming platforms. These platforms are notorious for paying writers and actors mere fractions of what they deserve. Additionally, the writers' group expressed concerns about the potential threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which could theoretically replace significant portions of their work in the movie and TV industry.

The Future of the Entertainment Industry

While the tentative deal might seem like a ray of hope, it's crucial to remember that solving the turmoil in the entertainment business is far from over. Since July, actors represented by SAG-AFTRA have also been on strike, and their negotiations have made limited progress. The repercussions of these strikes have sent shockwaves throughout the TV and movie landscape. The new TV season, which has just begun, faced major disruptions. TV networks were forced to reshuffle schedules, substituting scripted shows with lower-profile unscripted content and international TV shows. Furthermore, major upfront TV network advertising brands have had to rethink their media plans. Some have redirected their investments toward high-rated and high-priced sports TV properties such as the NFL and Major League Baseball.

The tentative agreement between the writers and producers could bring some much-needed stability to the entertainment industry. However, the road ahead is still uncertain. As negotiations continue and the strikes persist, the future of Hollywood's creative landscape remains in flux.

Cate Bender, the author, is Project Coordinator of Marketing Keys

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September 25, 2023