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Being a Small Shop Is Key.

Why we like being a small shop.

Honestly, we like being a small shop. However, sometimes we’d rather be a medium or large agency. For starters, they get to charge three times or – in some cases – four times what we do for the same work. They get to create all these fancy charts and bill their clients by the hour.

And best of all?

The heads of these agencies show up for new business presentations, smooth talk their way through the meeting, win the business for the agency and then disappear.

Marketing Keys’ business model offers:

  1. Lean with little overhead means…
    LESS $$$ BILLED TO YOU! The excess
    “fat” has already been taken out.

  2. Direct Contact means…
    CLEARER COMMUNICATION and less chance
    of communication breakdown.

  3. Being a Small Shop means…
    Responsive and nimble…We act QUICKLY.
We are big enough to be the agency of record for major companies like the Original Hooters stores and small enough that our success is intrinsically tied to each one of our clients. Like it should be.

But do call us soon. We may not be able to say we’re a small shop for much longer.

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