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Measured Media.

How ordering off of our menu can impact your business.


  • Marketing Keys has partnered with an IP Intelligence & Audience Targeting company that works directly with the U.S. Government and Homeland Security
  • We are able to geo-target beneath the zip level to zip+4
  • Ads can be served on up to 30,000 websites
  • We can white list domains that fit in the highest category of brand safety and reputation
  • Can target specific places such as colleges, hotels, airports, companies, buildings, government facilities, and hospitals
  • Key word targeting allows you to serve ads on any content containing the keywords
  • We can use demographic and behavioral data to further segment among scalable audiences in order to allow segmentation based on gender, income, age, ethnicity, and other parameters
  • Marketing Keys has the know how to create targeted Google AdWords campaigns to immediately capture those actively seeking related services and drive qualified traffic to an appropriate landing page of your website.
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Develop optimal AdWords text based on keyword research and brand strengths/differentiators
  • Create Google AdWords on client behalf to implement the ads
  • Run and view analytics on a daily basis to optimize performance
  • Ongoing AdWords management includes review, management, monitoring, tweaking, and reporting.


  • 92% of American consumers 12 years of age and older tune in weekly
  • Average Listener spends 19 hours/week
  • Very personal medium…Listeners perceive the personalities to be one on one with them
  • Listening to our favorite radio program is very habitual
  • Marketing Keys has an abundance of radio know how with over 18 years of industry experience

Broadcast Television

  • Adults 25-54 years old allocate 53% of their total media hours to television
  • The public perceives television ads as the most influential, authoritative, exciting and persuasive
  • TV is a powerful reach medium (while radio is a frequency medium)
  • According to the latest Nielsen survey of connected device owners, nearly half of smartphone owners (46%) and tablet owners (43%) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day.
  • More than 50% of smartphone and tablet owners visited a social networking site while watching TV, and at least 20% spent time reading social media discussions about the program they are viewing.
  • Marketing Keys has the expertise to recommend programs and effectively target your customer through a broadcast television campaign

Cable Television

  • Unique ability to target your message directly to the people you need to reach
  • Through buying specific zones, you advertise only to your marketing area
  • Effectively target your customer by advertising on specific networks that have specific audiences with specific interests
  • Cable TV – like radio – is an affordable, frequency medium

Newspaper/Magazine/Direct Mail/Email Marketing

  • Print can be a very effective medium because of its permanence
  • Easy to track response – customer can cut out an ad or a coupon and bring it directly to your store
  • Magazine is a very impactful vehicle to brand your company and create an image you want to portray
  • Direct Mail can be effective…but it also could be costly if you produce your own piece and send it out to your own designated list. More and more businesses are turning to e-mail marketing and eliminating the cost of postage and producing expensive pieces
  • Due to popularity of online, all of these vehicles come with on-line components where you can advertise your product or service on their websites

Billboard/Out of Home Advertising

  • Most effective for image building and brand awareness
  • Very effective when used in conjunction with your radio campaign
  • Most boards are sold for a minimum of one month
  • You pay twice. First, for the board location (s) and second for the media used to put your ad on the board – paint, paper, vinyl or digital (the latest rage).
  • Boards have ratings like TV Shows – called Gross Rating Points. A 25 showing in Billboards means 25% of the target population will see your billboard(s) at least once per day.
  • Billboards also are measured by D.E.C. – Daily Estimated Traffic Counts
  • Now, out of home media has a new audience measurement system that reports its true value – Eyes On. Eyes On goes way beyond DEC-based measurement, becoming the advertising industry’s first media measurement system that reports audiences who actually see your ads

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