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New Media.

At Marketing Keys, tomorrow’s marketing is happening today.

Marketing Keys brings you the experience and expertise in traditional measured media. And now…we are also able to offer you some of the new, innovative and cutting edge programs. New Media Marketing, especially online marketing and social media, has really taken off. It’s time to take the next step in having ‘new media’ get your business to the next level.

A new wave of marketing…

Internet/Search Marketing

You will find that advertising on Web Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) can provide a powerful boost to your sales. It’s the new “Yellow Pages” and businesses are finding that they have to become more visible on the web. Search Marketing has now been embraced as a critical addition to an effective integrated marketing mix. Paid Search is especially important for small businesses, as it helps level the playing field. Marketing Keys can help your company get premium position on as many or as few search engines as we see fit.

E-Mail Marketing

With the increasing cost for postage, Direct Mail has been on the decline while E-mail Marketing has been the latest rage. E-mail has become a rapidly effective way of communicating. Getting messages delivered to the correct target audience is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketing Keys can help you narrow down your specific customer through an efficient, e-mail marketing campaign. We can customize your campaign to zip codes, household income, lifestyle characteristics, kids in household, employment criteria etc. By reaching the right audience through the proper message, the chances are greater that your e-mail will be opened and responded to promptly.

Mobile Marketing

With more than 300 million mobile subscribers in the United States, your business has a new opportunity to reach consumers in a highly targeted manner on a personal device. Your message can be delivered in a coupon, Text2Screen, Alert, Consumer interaction etc. Your advertisement can be displayed in the form of an ad-network, messaging, in an application, in a game etc. Between 2002 – 2006, the percentage of young adults and teens using their cell phones beyond simple voice rose from less than 50% in 2002 to more than 90% in 2006. Like e-mail marketing, your message can be geo-targeted to household income, lifestyle characteristics, employment criteria etc.

Social Marketing

Today’s consumers can sometimes be wary of some intrusive forms of marketing and sales messages. With the recent explosion of social networks, your marketing is now consumer-focused instead of product focused. Consumers now have more ways to engage with each other, to share their views, and learn from each other – from entertainment to travel to products to brands. It is one of the fastest growing areas to market your company. Marketing Keys can structure a program where your business can profit from the use of social networks, blogs, RSS, widgets and other emerging marketing tools. As an increasing number of consumers obtain their information from non-traditional sources, Social Marketing will help your business capitalize from these new avenues. Your business will discover that reaching influential audiences is the key to campaign success.

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